JM homepagePsychotherapy and Counseling

With decades of experience working with individuals and couples, Ms. Mencher uses an active, engaging, and empathic style. By helping people frame their challenges as an opportunity for clarity and resolution, Ms. Mencher offers a place for clients to explore themselves through discussing the most important relationships in their lives.

Clinical Consultation

From graduate students to seasoned therapists, Ms. Mencher helps clinicians improve skills, knowledge, and use of self, within a relational model of supervision that emphasizes trust and candor.  Her agency consultations build upon twenty years of experience nationally in training mental health and medical staff on LGBT issues.

Schools, Colleges, and Camps

Adults are often playing catch-up with 21st century notions of sex, sexuality, and gender among youth. Ms. Mencher is a pioneer in gender diversity and sexuality education, serving as a wise liaison between generations, and providing strategic guidance to educators and administrators.


Gender diversity and sexuality issues pose new opportunities and challenges for the 21st century workplace. Spanning a range of services that includes training, policy consultation, program development, conflict resolution, and leadership development, Ms. Mencher helps organizations become LGBT-inclusive, responsive, and legally compliant.